U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), which controls admission of travelers to the United States, maintains more than 70 “Deferred Inspection” offices where travelers may request correction of  I-94 Arrival Records they believe were issued incorrectly.

CBP has recently updated its Deferred Inspections Sites list to include email addresses for I-94 correction requests at the following nine Deferred Inspection offices:

  1. Boston:  cbp.boston.i94@cbp.dhs.gov
  2. Charlotte:  i94request-clt@cbp.dhs.gov
  3. Chicago:  i94chi@cbp.dhs.gov
  4.  Houston:  cbphoui94@cbp.dhs.gov
  5. Miami:  cbpmiai94@cbp.dhs.gov
  6. Milwaukee:  i94mil@cbp.dhs.gov
  7. Orlando:  orlandoi-94team@cbp.dhs.gov
  8.  Seattle:  i94.correction.seattle@cbp.dhs.gov
  9. St. Paul:  i94msp@cbp.dhs.gov

CBP has not yet provided specific instructions or guidance for using these email addresses, including what documents should be attached, if any, and whether a traveler must have entered through that particular airport, or currently be near that airport, in order to use the email.  Please watch our blog for updates.