Thank you David Kappos for the sage words about the importance of our patent system and refueling our economy.  If we support it at the front end, we’ll reap the benefits throughout the system.

As the Supreme Court, Congress and state legislatures take up this once arcane and crucially important topic, they should know the choice is more nuanced than weakening the system or doing nothing. Over the years, the patent system has evolved and grown, and it should continue to do so — measures that would help it do so include full funding of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Officeand enhanced transparency to increase patent quality. These measures will help curb abuse, while also encouraging innovation by promoting a climate that safeguards the risk-taking inherent in pushing technological frontiers.

                                           *  *  *

By improving and expanding incentives, our nation can offer talented engineers and scientists the encouragement needed to continue pouring their ingenuity into the next wave of breakthroughs. Whether the inventor is developing a great idea in a lab or in a garage, risking their savings and energy is feasible only if they know their innovation isn’t up for grabs by copycats as soon as it hits the market.

Great inventions deserve great protection. The American economy and its inventors are best served by a strong patent system that protects high quality innovation in all fields.