Non-EEA nationals residing in Ireland are required to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau ("GNIB") in order to obtain their "Certificate of Registration" or "GNIB Card" which confirms their right to reside in Ireland and indicates the basis upon which that residency is grounded (i.e. employment permit holder, spouse of an employment permit holder, student etc.). In order to obtain this card the non-EEA national is required to attend at the GNIB office with the required paperwork to register.

A new procedure for registration for non-EEA nationals residing in Ireland has now been launched by GNIB and Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service ("INIS").

The previous position

Previously, non-EEA nationals residing in Ireland were required to attend at the GNIB office without an appointment and wait in a queue on a first come first served basis with each applicant having to take a ticket at the front door of the GNIB offices at Burgh Quay in Dublin and waiting to be seen.

During busy periods, especially at the beginning of the university academic year, the queues at the GNIB offices extended the length of a number streets in Dublin with applicants sometimes joining the queue at 3am to ensure they are seen.

The new system

A new online booking system for appointments for registration has now been introduced. While applicants will still be required to attend at the GNIB office they will be able to do so with a degree of confidence of being seen and their application being dealt with on the day of their appointment. It appears that the problems experienced with the system on Friday of last week and Monday of this week have been rectified and the system is now back online.

The new online booking system can be accessed here.