Sentencing guidelines now in force: Revised sentencing council guidelines which appear certain to drive considerable increase in tariffs for health and safety, food hygiene and food safety offences are now in force for all matters sentenced after 1 February. View >

Sourdough challenge rejected: The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint by the Sustain sponsored ‘Real Bread Campaign’ concerning use of the term Sourdough by EAT. View >  Sustain >  

Consultation on dietary reference values for vitamin B6: EFSA has issued a consultation on a detailed draft opinion on DRV’s for various population groups. Closing date 16 March.View >

200th Signatory for ‘Scottish Business Pledge’: The Scottish Government has highlighted Santander as the latest Scottish Business to sign up to its pledge commitments on fair trading practices including living wage, employee engagement and prompt payment. View > View >

Commitment to two year post implementation reviews: The Scottish Government is putting forward proposals to implement a mandatory review of legislative changes after two years of their introduction. View >

EU Technical regulations:

  • Plant protection products approved: Iprovalicarb: 2016/147 > Lambda-cyhalothrin: 2016/146 > Metsulfuron-methyl: 2016/139 >
  • Rejected: 3-decen-2-one. 2016/138 >
  • Biocides: Approved: C(M)IT/MIT (3:1), Phase out extended 2016/131 > Flocoumafen, brodifacoum & warfarin 2016/135 >
  • Setting detailed labelling rules for infant formula: 2016/127 >
  • Changing labelling and compositional rules for foods for special medical purposes.2016/128 >

EU ratifies international treaty on Mercury: EU Dg Environment has set out the steps that the EU has taken and is taking following ratification of the Minamata treaty aiming at minimising use of Mercury. View >

Risk assessment guidance for environmental permits: DEFRA have published detailed guidance and tools relating to the various risk assessments required for the application process. View >