A subsidiary of commodities trader Glencore has been accused of bribing a European Union official in exchange for market sensitive information.

Glencore Grain Rotterdam allegedly paid former E.U. agriculture department official Mr Karel Brus’ Euro20,000 phone bill and provided a week long holiday in the South of France. In return, Mr Brus supposedly provided confidential information about E.U. export subsidiary applications that allowed the Glencore Grain Rotterdam to bid favorably in tenders for European export subsidies for cereals in 2002 and 2003.

Co-defendants, Union Invivo, a French agricultural cooperative, also allegedly provided Mr Brus with Euro78,000 worth of dinners in restaurants and hostess bars, cases of wine and champagne and a Euro12,000 luxury Christofle cutlery set.

The judgement on this case is scheduled for the summer.