An unopposed motion for preliminary approval of a class-action settlement has been filed in a federal court in New York to resolve the claims of those who allegedly purchased Salmonella-contaminated pet food that was subject to a nationwide recall and purportedly linked to infections in people and animals. Marciano v. Schell & Kampeter, Inc., No. 12-2708 (U.S. Dist. Ct., E.D.N.Y., motion filed January 28, 2014. If approved, the settlement would provide $2 million cash to three subclasses of claimants: those who purchased but never used the recalled products, those who purchased and used the products and “sustained economic damages as a result of injury or death to animals from their consumption of recalled products,“ and those who purchased the products subject to recall and fully used them “with no resultant ill effects.” Under the agreement, the defendants would also continue to use improved quality control procedures for three years.