The FSA has published an analysis of activity in the energy markets 2007. The analysis is for the 12 months of trading to 31 July 2007. The data for the analysis has come from energy market brokers who have supplied the FSA with information about trading volumes and values in the gas, power, coal, and emission forwards markets.

The FSA notes from the information gathered that the trading on electronic platforms has increased substantially this year, the most notable increase being in Euro power and the emissions markets. The total number of trades taking place (both voice-broked and electronic trades) has increased substantially across all of the surveyed markets, specifically UK gas, Euro power and emissions which have seen increases of over 100%. Volumes across all of the surveyed markets has increased dramatically this year, with UK gas recording the highest increase of 109%. The estimated UK gas market value has increased this year by £26 billion over 2006. The biggest percentage increases in value have been for the coal and emissions markets.

View Analysis of activity in the energy markets 2007, (PDF 48.8KB), 6 November 2007