Often, law firms are instructed on a workplace incident once it reaches the criminal court. Unfortunately, by this stage, mistakes have often been made, which limits the options we have when seeking to defend the accused party. In this podcast, we explore the most common mistakes to avoid following workplace incidents in the UAE.

While a number of tips we identify in this podcast may seem relatively common sense, we repeatedly see these mistakes being made. In the aftermath of a workplace incident, the situation can naturally be relatively chaotic and emotions will understandably be running high.

Our tips are not designed to facilitate the avoidance of liability where this should rightly lie but rather to avoid liability inadvertently being attributed to a party due to mistakes made throughout the criminal investigation process.

The key take away from this podcast should be to prepare (and to ensure that employees are prepared) so that, in the unfortunate event of a workplace incident, all relevant parties are fully equipped on what to do and when.

Our health and safety team regularly support clients in preparing for the worst, by training key staff on what to expect following a workplace incident, running through the criminal investigation process and conducting mock public prosecutor interviews, for example. If this would be of interest to your organisation, please contact a member of our health and safety team.

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