The MIB has issued a circular dated July 22, 2014 to all TV channels with respect to providing the Government with monitoring facility at the Electronic Media Monitoring Centre (“EMMC”). This obligation has been placed on the channels pursuant to Clause 5.14 of the Policy Guidelines for Downlinking of Television channels, which requires the broadcaster / channel permission holder to provide monitoring facilities (at its own cost) for monitoring of content by the MIB when required.

As a matter of background, the EMMC was setup in 2008 with the aim of having effective monitoring of content on various TV channels beaming over the Indian territory for any violation of:

  • The Programme Code
  • The Advertisement Code
  • Various provisions of the Cable TV Act
  • Any other law relevant to content being shown on a satellite TV channel

As per this circular, all broadcasters have to provide to the EMCC professional Integrated Receiver Decoders (“IRD”) for each channel and a spare one for safety, thus facilitating the monitoring procedure. Alternatively, those broadcasters whose channels are pay channels have the option of providing a Viewing Card and CAM Module to decrypt and monitor channels over IP (digital domain). For Free-to-Air TV channels whose signals are not encrypted, the MIB has clarified that the broadcasters need not provide such equipment.

Where a broadcaster is broadcasting multiple channels on the same frequency, then one Viewing Card and CAM Module will be used to decrypt a maximum of four channels.