On January 31st, 2013 the Legislative Assembly, approved with 80 votes, 43 out of the 57 reforms for the Consumer Protection Law that were proposed by the government, this reforms will strengthen the institution of Consumer Protection Office.

This reforms involves more changes in the obligations of companies that sell services and products, regarding specifically on the warranties of the product and service contracts; this also means that the Consumer Protection Office will have more obligations.

Regarding the contracts, lawmakers established that consumers, if they wish, may rescind a contract unilaterally, without having to justify why nor receive any kind of penalty for doing so. However, this will proceed only if the contract has not been executed (the first eight days) or the product acquired has not been used.

An obligatory warranty of a product regarding special treatment for people with disabilities was also included. The legal framework also specifies, that the application of surcharges on services must be subject to the benefits and other additional benefits.

On the subject of advertising, the deputies also included the issue of gender and established that, by law, any advertisingcan not beuse in a way "thatit portrays women in a vexatious state", using the body for a purpose that is inconsistent with the product.

The reforms will also allow consumers to be accompanied by the Consumer Protection Office in court proceedings and that the sentencing court may order a financial compensation, this means, that the citizens have a right to receive compensation for the damage caused.

We clarify that the law reform project, to this date, has not yet been approved by the President of El Salvador and therefore has not entered into a state of being in force, therefore pending the approval and publication by the President for it to become law.