The role of the Scottish Enterprise Parliamentary Team is to encourage closer working relationships between Scottish Enterprise (SE) and the Scottish Parliament, Westminster Parliament and the European Parliament to the benefit of the Scottish economy and to ensure a greater understanding of SE’s role in economic development. SE is Scotland’s main economic development agency. Its goal is to help stimulate a stronger Scottish economy by helping more businesses to grow faster and be more competitive, making Scotland a more attractive place to live and work.

Scottish parliamentary members play a key role in scrutinising how SE meets its objectives, and delivers value for the public money it spends. Parliamentary members influence and shape the policies, legislation and Executive budgets, which form the operating environment within which SE carries out its work for the Scottish economy.

It's not just the Scottish Parliament which influences SE's environment, although it has the most direct day-to-day effect. Many of the policies, laws and budgets which impact on the work of SE start life in the European Parliament and the UK Parliament at Westminster. For example European legislation is responsible for dictating the amount of hours we work through the working time directive; and the UK Parliament deals with reserved matters that have a direct impact on Scotland such as macro-economic policy and energy policy.

SE's work with the Scottish Parliament has included case study visits around sectoral issues, presentation in Parliament, committee appearances and responding to consultations. SE also meet MSPs face to face to discuss the priorities of the SE network to give them a better understanding of the challenges and constraints in which SE operates.

At Scottish Enterprise we believe that building relationships with the parliamentarians is critical to our success. The benefits to the relationship approach are considerable; we believe the value added that can be achieved through enhanced relationships with these key influencers is a critical factor in delivering our strategy Smart, Successful Scotland.

Michael is the director responsible for SE’s globalscot network and also Parliamentary Liaison with Holyrood, Westminster and Brussels. For more information about globalscot please go to