The Russian publishing company “Prosvescheniye” (the meaning of the word “prosveshcheniye” in English is “enlightenment”) became the biggest educational publisher in USSR and now has a rich history and lifelong traditions.

In 2018, “Prosvescheniye” sued 3.76 billion rubles from a competitor for the illegal use of their trademarks. Then, after a month, Rospatent denied the decision of the Chamber for Patent Disputes (CDP) and gave the offender their money back.

The Intellectual Property Court invalidated the decisions of Rospatent on the deprivation of “Prosvescheniye” of two trademarks. The trademarks are a stylized image of a globe with the abbreviation FGOS (Federal State Educational Standards). These trademarks were the subject-matter of the dispute between the publishing houses “Prosvescheniye” and “Ventana-Graf”. After the court decision is published, “Prosvescheniye” will determine the way forward.