The Government is consulting on secondary legislation to be made under the Employment Bill which will repeal the statutory dispute resolution procedures as from 6 April 2008. The consultation invites comments on: 

  • Permitting qualified HR professionals to be included in the definition of “relevant advisor” who can sign off a compromise agreement; 
  • Changing the approach on interest on Employment Tribunal awards; 
  • Allowing parties to straightforward Tribunal claims to consent to determination of a claim without a hearing; 
  • Adding holiday pay claims to hearings where Tribunal Judge can sit alone; 
  • Increasing Tribunals’ powers to make recommendations in discrimination cases; 
  • Making various changes to Employment Tribunal rules of procedure, as part of the wider Tribunal Services transformation; 
  • A number of miscellaneous issues including transitional provisions for the removal of the dispute resolution procedures (expected to be in effect from 6 April 2009)

Click here for consultation paper and draft regulations.