The purpose of this order is to create an assistance office for records at the headquarters of the General Social Security Office, located at calle Valenzuela 5, in Madrid.

Order ESS/1323/2017, of 28 December, by which the assistance office for records matters is created at the headquarters of the General Intervention Social Security 

This order creates an office of assistance in the matter of records so that interested parties can be assisted in the use of electronic means, especially regading the identification and electronic signature, presentation of applications through the general electronic registry and obtaining authentic copies.

The assistance offices for record matters are administrative bodies because they have functions with effects before assigned third parties.

In this respect, the following are some of the functions assigned to the offices for record:

a. To grant empowerment apud acta by personal appearance in these offices by whoever holds the condition of an interested party in an administrative procedure.

b. Receive the requests, writs and communications that the interested parties address to the bodies, organisations or entities of the Public Administrations.

c. Assist in the use of electronic media to those interested parties.

d. Scan the documents presented in person by the interested parties.

e. Make notifications by spontaneous appearance of the interested party or his/her representative when, appearing in the office, they request the communication and personal notification at the time.

f. Provide the interested parties with the identification code of the organisation, center or administrative unit to which their applications, communications and writs are addressed, as well as the corresponding receipt proving the date and time of presentation.

g. Make available to the interested parties models for submitting applications.

h. Identify the interested parties in the procedure.

i. Any other functions that are legally or statutorily attributed to them.