Judgment of the South Administrative Central Court of 5 June 2014, Case no. 10121/13

The judgment under review deals with the appeal brought by a health centre against the Autonomous Region of Azores (Regional Directorate for Health in Azores), asking that it be ordered to pay the Plaintiff the amount corresponding to the value of health care provided to citizens residing in the Autonomous Region of Azores, for considering them to be beneficiaries of the Regional Health Service and not of the National Health Service.

In the conclusions in the judgment under review, it was emphasized the distinc tion between the issue of universal access to health care and the issue regarding financial responsibility, i.e. the issue regarding “which entity is responsible for its payment” and it came to the conclusion that “the citizens residing in the Autonomous Regions, when in need, can benefit from the mainland’s National Health Service, but (the mainland’s National Service) will not be responsible for the financial expenditure incurred”.