The Turkey-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (TRSFTA) will enter into force on 1 October 2017. The TRSFTA consists of 18 numbered chapters and a separate Rules of Origin Protocol with annexes.

With respect to goods, tariff preferences and duty rates are set forth in Chapter 2 and Annex 2-A. For entry into force, the following items originating from Turkey are eligible for preferential treatment tariff when imported from Turkey into Singapore under the TRSFTA: stout/porter, beer including ale, medicated samsu or other samsu (under the HS codes 22030010, 22030090, 22089010, 22089020, 22089030 and 22089040). The Customs duties for all other goods imported from Turkey into Singapore are already zero. Many Singapore originating goods will have phased in preference rates when imported into Turkey. An importer may claim preferential tariff treatment using an origin declaration made out by the exporter on the invoice or any other commercial document which must describe the goods in sufficient detail to enable its identification. The text and details contained in the simple origin declaration are set out in Annex A to Singapore Customs Circular № 13/2017, which also addresses Operational Procedures in Singapore.

The preferential tariff treatment accorded under the TRSFTA only pertains to customs duties. All other taxes, such as GST and Excise duty, are excluded from the scope of the Agreement and remain applicable, where relevant.

Neither Party will maintain or institute any customs duty or tax on or in connection with the exportation or sale for export of goods to the other Party, or any internal taxes on goods exported to the other Party that are in excess of those imposed on like goods destined for internal sale.

Under the TRSFTA, Turkey and Singapore are treated as a single production area for purposes of accumulation. This means that any good or material that originated from Turkey will be deemed to have originated from Singapore, and vice versa, provided the good or material satisfies the origin requirements under the TRSFTA and is supported by an origin declaration by the supplier. The Rules of Origin are covered in Singapore Customs Circular № 12/2017.

Documents relating to the production and export shipments accompanied by the origin declaration should be kept for at least 3 years from the date on which the origin declaration was signed for post-verification checks by the importing customs authority. The retention period of other records required under Singapore legislations remains.