This Royal Kram promulgates the Constitutional Law on Amendment to Article 76 and other articles from the new chapter 15 to the new chapter 16 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia which has been amended as follows: 

Article 76 (New) reads: The National Assembly shall comprise at least 120 members. The Members of the National Assembly shall be elected by a universal, free, equal, direct suffrage and through secret ballot. The National Assembly’s members are re-eligible. Khmer citizens of both sexes, enjoying the right to vote, aged at least 25 years and having Khmer nationality by birth, have the right to be candidates to the National Assembly. Formalities and functioning of the election shall be determined in the electoral law. 

For the Article 150 (new) (two) reads: the National Election Committee shall be a competent organization in preparing, organizing and managing the election of members of the senates and the election of the National Assembly as well as other elections as determined by law. The organization and functioning of the National Election Committee shall be determined in a law. The Article 160 (new) stated that laws and normative acts in Cambodia that guarantee the State properties, rights, liberties and legal properties of private persons and that are in conformity with the national interests, shall remain in force until the new texts are made to amend or to abrogate them, except the provisions contrary to the spirit of the present Constitution.