France’s Competition Authority fined Eiffage Construction Roussillon €960,000 for anti-competitive behaviour regarding the rebuilding of watchtowers at Perpignan prison.

The authority found that Eiffage entered into a bid-rigging agreement with Vilmor, a construction company based in Perpignan, whereby Vilmor entered a bid for the construction tender to make Eiffage’s offer seem more attractive. In return Eiffage agreed to pay extra rent for an adjacent piece of land belonging to a company in which Vilmor’s chief executive was a partner.

Vilmor received a €5,000 fine for its role in the conspiracy (a reduced fine because the company is in administration). Eiffage’s fine was increased by 30 percent because in 2005 and 2007, along with other companies, Eiffage was found guilty of anti-competitive behaviour regarding public construction projects in France.