I was asked a couple of days ago when the Localism Bill and National Planning Policy Framework ("NPPF") would be coming into effect.

We have already commented on this in relation to the Localism Bill, but to recap, this is expected to receive Royal Assent this month, having received its third (and final) reading in the Lords on 31 October. The Lords' amendments have now gone back for consideration by the Commons and as soon as both Houses are agreed, it can receive Royal Assent. There is no set time that the 'Ping Pong' procedure can take. We understand that Royal Assent could be given as soon as 15 November.

In relation to the NPPF, the consultation period ended on 17 October and the CLG Select Committee has been holding an inquiry to consider the draft. Its report is due in December. Grant Shapps has already confirmed that there will be no second draft issued for consultation. The NPPF is therefore likely to come into effect in early 2012 - we have seen a suggestion of April. There are likely to be transitional arrangements drafted into the final form NPPF.