The long-delayed Senate confirmation vote on President Trump's nomination of Michelle Bowman to one of the vacant seats on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors looks like it will take place when Congress next convenes, following the November 6 mid-term elections. A November 14 procedural vote has been scheduled for the nomination of Bowman, currently the Kansas state bank commissioner, to the board seat reserved for someone with community banking experience. Meanwhile, as reported in the October 8 edition of Bank Regulatory News and Trends, President Trump's nomination of Nellie Liang to a seat on the Fed Board has received some negative pushback from some of the Republican senators whose support is critical for her confirmation. Financial industry leaders have also raised concerns about the nominee's commitment to the Administration's deregulatory agenda, according to published reports. But, with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell vouching for Liang to key senators, the Administration has shown no signs of backing off on the nomination. Given the list of other presidential nominees (including another Fed nominee, Marvin Goodfriend) still awaiting Senate approval, the Liang nomination would not be considered until the final weeks of the year at the earliest – and could slip into next year, at which point the president would have to resubmit the nomination.