The IFIA together with representatives from the Irish Banking Federation, the Irish Insurance Federation, An Post and the Irish League of Credit Unions have been engaging with the Central Bank to bring forward the conclusion of the Anti Money Laundering Guidance Notes. The Guidance Notes have been the subject of intense review and debate between the industry bodies and the Central Bank and the current draft incorporates the views of the Central Bank. The Guidance Notes have been posted on the Central Bank's website and are available for comment until February 23, 2011. Once the consultation concludes the final Guidance Notes will be passed to a review group comprised of relevant public sector representatives established to review the Guidance Notes so that the necessary ministerial approval can be provided, under Section 107 of the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing) Act 2010. To date, the review has focused on the Core Guidance Notes and once the Core Guidance Notes are concluded the relevant industry sectors will engage bi-laterally with the Central Bank on the Sectoral Guidance Notes