The Competition Commission (CC) has published its final report on the rolling stock leasing market and has suggested a number of improvements. Its principal finding was that the limited availability of rolling stock fleets restricted the choice for train operating companies (TOCs). The Report attempts to identify the reasons for the limited availability of fleets for leasing. These reasons include: (a) technical and operational features which limit interoperability; (b) the costs and risks involved in switching or introducing new rolling stock; and (c) certain features of the way the franchise system operates. The CC has recommended that the Department for Transport and Transport Scotland introduce a package of remedies. These include: (i) increasing the length of franchise terms to assist in amortising switching costs; (ii) encouraging the assessment of new or used alternative rolling stock beyond the franchise term or across other franchises when reviewing franchise proposals; (iii) ensuring that invitations to tender allow bidders a choice of rolling stock; (iv) removing the obligation in industry Codes of Conduct which limit the ability of ROSCOS to discriminate between offers to TOCs; and (v) disclosure by ROSCOS to TOCs of specific information designed to improve transparency and facilitate negotiation.