The SEC amended Privacy Act regulations that are applicable to the Commission (not the regulations that apply to registrants) to eliminate unnecessary provisions and introduce electronic methods for identity verification and Privacy Act requests (see related coverage). The amendment replaces the SEC's existing Privacy Act regulations.

Among other things, the SEC amended the following provisions under Rule 200 Subpart H ("Regulations Pertaining to the Privacy of Individuals and Systems of Records Maintained by the Commission"):

  • clarified the purpose, scope and definitions of the regulations (Rules 200.301 and 302);
  • simplified processes for submitting and receiving responses to Privacy Act inquiries (Rules 200.303, 305, 306, 307 and 308);
  • amended provisions to allow requesters to electronically verify their identities (SEC Rule 200.303);
  • provided a shorter SEC response time for Privacy Act inquiries (SEC Rule 200.304);
  • updated agency contact information (SEC Rules 200.303, 305, 308 and 309); and
  • updated the list of SEC systems of records with exemptions (SEC Rule 200.310).

The final rule becomes effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register.