The United States Army Corps of Engineers Vicksburg District (“Corps”) issued a June 21st Public Notice stating that it is considering an application for a Clean Water Act Section 404 Permit associated with the construction of a feed mill and related infrastructure in Howard County, Arkansas.

The permit applicant is Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation (“PPC”).

The Corps Public Notice states that the proposed construction would include the clearing, grubbing, and grading of the site to replace the existing mill located in Nashville, Arkansas. The proposed infrastructure development is also stated to include the construction of rail spurs and staging tracks to be able to accommodate the demand and supply required by the local contract poultry growers.

The project site is stated to include 1.19 acres of scrub shrub wetlands, 5,923 linear feet of a perennial stream, 1,764 linear feet of an ephemeral stream and 0.71 acres of non-jurisdictional waters. The proposed project would fill 0.85 acres of scrub shrub wetlands, and impact 937.13 linear feet of perennial stream. Further, approximately 804.51 linear feet of perennial stream which parallels to the existing rail line would be re-routed. Approximately 2,950 cubic yards of silty clay loam would be placed in jurisdictional areas.

PPC is stated to be proposing the use of a mitigation bank to mitigate for the unavoidable loss of jurisdictional impacts.

A copy of the public notice can be downloaded here.