The Department of Labor (DOL) recently cited a New Jersey computer consulting company for alleged violations of the Labor Condition Application (LCA) provisions of the H-1B program. The DOL cited the company more than $1.4 million in back wages due to 163 workers. The DOL also assessed Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs) of $439,000 and debarment from certain nonimmigrant visa and immigrant visa programs for two years. The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division stated that it found that the consulting company failed to pay the required wages to workers hired as Computer Systems Analysts pursuant to the H-1B program. Additionally, the DOL stated that it found that the company forced employees to sign employment agreements requiring the payment of penalties for ceasing their employment prior to the end of their H-1B period and sued the employees when those contracts were broken. Therefore, the DOL stated that due to the willful nature of the violations, the DOL assessed CMPs and debarment for a two-year period.