On Oct. 13, 2011, the ECJ said that an absolute ban on Internet sales by a distributor will usually be an automatic infringement of EU competition law. There may be cases in which such a restriction is permitted, but the products in this case (cosmetics manufactured by Pierre-Fabre) did not justify such a limitation. Pierre-Fabre's agreements were selective distribution agreements, under which distributors are chosen based on specific criteria. However, the same principle would apply to such a restriction included in other types of "vertical" (supplier/purchaser) agreements, in particular exclusive distribution agreements. This finding, consistent with the European Commission's (EC) view, means a distribution or other agreement containing such a clause will not satisfy the Vertical Restraints Block Exemption. This EU legislation automatically exempts certain vertical agreements which may otherwise be seen as anti-competitive (due to the inclusion of clauses such as exclusivity provisions) from the ban on anti-competitive agreements contained in EU competition law.