The transcript has been published for the third day of hearings in the case M v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. The case concerns the UK Government’s right to invoke Article 50 without a vote of the Members of Parliament.

Government lawyer James Eadie QC told the High Court that the government’s view at the moment is that “it is very likely that any such agreement will be subject to ratification”. Lord Pannick, who is acting for the campaigners challenging the government, told the court that even if such a vote ends with MPs rejecting the Brexit deal, the UK would still leave the EU. “Parliament cannot reverse the notification,” Pannick argued. The UK would either leave with no agreement or reach a new one, he said, adding, “But the new agreement cannot restore the rights that are irretrievably lost, and whether there is a new agreement is out of the hands of Parliament”.

The transcripts are available here.