Supreme People's Court released the summary of Supreme People's Court Annual Report on Intellectual Property Cases(2014) on April 21, which introduces the basic rules and characteristics of Intellectual Property and competition cases by Supreme People's Court in 2014:

The trend of substantial growth in the number of cases has eased, and the overall number of cases accepted tends to be stable; new types of difficult cases continue to increase, with more cases need to clarify the legal boundaries or fill the legal gaps;

Patents and other technical cases still account for a large proportion in the overall number of cases, with higher proportion of cases for basic legal rules of interpretation like determination of patent administrative cases involving technical issues, and many patent civil cases involving infringement judgment rules, new types of legal issues like combination of patent and standards, and identification of implied license began to emerge;

New varieties of plant cases continued to show growth, with legal implications developing toward the deep area of contrast of variety identity; trademark cases overall increased steadily, trademark civil cases were basically stable while the proportion of trademark administrative cases further increased, and the number of new types of trademark cases increased, which involved the judgment of legitimacy and significance of three-dimensional trademarks for rights;

The overall growth rate of copyright cases dropped, with legal implication returning to the basic system and basic concept of copyright such as the determination of protected objects and proof of ownership; there's a large proportion of cases involving network technology and new business models among competition cases, while trade secrets and counterfeiting cases continued to increase, and Supreme People's Court for the first time concluded monopoly cases.