After reportedly receiving more than 2,000 comments criticizing its proposal to tighten regulations concerning the transaction of spent grain between brewers and  farmers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has apparently decided to revise its original  plan, stating that it will release an amended version of the proposal this summer.

According to news sources, brewers, who for years have donated or sold their spent grain to farmers to use as animal feed, were outraged at the proposed regulation—part of  FDA’s Food safety Modernization Act—claiming it would turn an ages-old practice into a heavy  burden, requiring them to alter processes and testing requirements and add additional recordkeeping  tasks. Brewers also note that under the currently proposed terms, they would either be required to dry and  package spent grain before sending it off as animal feed or to discard it entirely, leaving it to  sit in landfills. See VoiceofSanDiego. org, April 3, 2014;, April 4, 2014.