On September 12, 2017, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) published in the Federal Register a notice correcting the August 22, 2017 document providing notice that USTR has determined that Togo qualifies for the textile and apparel benefits provided under the AGOA. In the Federal Register of August 22, 2017, in FR Doc. 2017–17705, 82 Fed. Reg. 39940–41, on page 39941, in the first column, correct the last paragraph of the notice ted to read as follows:

Accordingly, pursuant to the authority vested in the USTR in Proclamation 7350, U.S. note 7(a) to subchapter II of chapter 98 of the HTS, is modified by inserting “Togo” in alphabetical sequence in the list of countries, and U.S. notes 1 and 2(d) to subchapter XIX of chapter 98 of the HTS are modified to add in numerical sequence, in the list of designated sub- Saharan African countries, the name “Togo,” in alphabetical sequence. The foregoing modifications to the HTS are effective with respect to articles entered, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after the effective date of this notice. Imports claiming preferential tariff treatment under the AGOA for entries of textile and apparel articles should ensure that those entries meet the applicable visa requirements. See 66 FR 7837 (January 25, 2001).