Rounding out the festivities in Washington, D.C., OFCCP Director Pat Shiu addressed attendees on the closing morning of the 32nd Annual ILG National conference.  Keeping to the conference theme of “Learning from the Legacy, Focusing on the Future,” Director Shiu’s remarks centered around the “unfinished business of America” to address issues of pay, sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination and other areas President Obama has addressed in recent months through his Executive Actions.

Speaking to the federal contractors in the room, Director Shiu impressed upon them her believe that, as employers, they have “the power to create the ripples of hope” and that government contractors can lead the way in effectuating change by modeling best behaviors and best practices.  Director Shiu committed to “facilitating [contractor] success” and acknowledged OFCCP “does not operate in a vacuum.”

This past year has certainly brought a lot of change for the contractor community with still more changes to come.