The Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2016 have just been amended to make specific provision for the forthcoming City of Greater Geelong election. The amendments create a new form of questionnaire for candidates contesting that council’s election in October.

Unlike candidates who contested last year’s elections for other councils, candidates in the City of Greater Geelong election will be asked:

  • why they would like to be elected
  • about their vision for their municipality
  • about what other expertise or attributes they could bring to the role of Councillor
  • whether they have undertaken any ‘community service or charitable work’ which would assist in undertaking the role of a Councillor, if elected
  • whether they are affiliated with any ‘group or organisation’ that might be relevant to their role as a Councillor, if elected.

It remains to be seen whether these questions become part of the candidate questionnaire for the next round of council elections in 2020.