The issues on which the Department of Health is seeking comments are changes to the charging regulations in relation to the following:

  • Whether local authorities should be allowed to take into account the “care” element of a personal injury compensation award in assessing what a care home resident can afford to pay for residential care. Current policy is that personal injury compensation awards should be disregarded in the financial assessment of people for residential care. Currently the circumstances in which it can be taken into account are limited.
  • Whether single premium investment bonds (into which personal injury compensation has been paid) should be taken into account in the financial assessment.
  • Whether the value of pre-paid funeral plans should be included when included when considering an individuals ability to pay for social care.
  • Whether residents should be able to top-up nursing home fees during the initial twelve week period in which the value of their property is disregarded when they go into local authority supported accommodation that costs more than the local authority would normally be expected to pay.

The consultation closes on 23 April 2010 and can be accessed here.