Official Climate Change Commitment Made

In anticipation of COP21, Argentina pledges to cut emissions 30% by 2030. 15% of emissions reductions are unconditional, while the remaining 15% are conditional, dependent on international aid.

Electronic Manifesto System (SIMEL) Launched

Argentina's Secretariat of Environment ("SAyDS") has published Resolution No. 827/15, which creates the Electronic Manifesto System ("SIMEL"), a new online tool intended to streamline the process of capturing hazardous waste information required for the "Manifesto" (Chapter 3, Arts. 12 & 13) under Law No. 24.051 for Hazardous Waste Management.Hazardous waste generators, transporters, and operators in Argentina must register under the new system.

Bioplastics Promotion Bill Proposed

Bill No. 5414-D-2015 has been proposed in the Argentine Chamber of Deputies to promote the domestic production of bio-based and biodegradable bioplastics for industrial purposes. The Bill provides plastics manufacturers in Argentina with a range of tax incentives.

Proposed Bill Would Modify General Environment Law

Senate Bill 3420/15 would modify the General Environment Law (No. 25.675/02) to incorporate the principle of non-regression—that environmental law and jurisprudence should not be revised if the changes would result in environmental protection levels already achieved.

National PCB Management Program Established

Argentina's Secretariat of Environment ("SAyDS") has published Resolution No. 840/15 to create the National Program for the Integrated Management of Polychlorinated Biphenyls ("PCBs"). The Resolution represents a step forward in Argentina's progress toward phasing out PCBs under its international commitments.