Ever since the end of August of 2015, the Trademark Office has stopped issuing any trademark registration certificate because they failed to purchase the specific type of paper for printing certificates. Such situation lasted for several months without any progress, which caused a lot of complaint and criticism from the public, especially the trademark registrants who have been anxiously waiting for the certificates for their business or enforcement.

Recently, after several news exposures about this matter, the State Administration of Industry of Commerce (SAIC) finally responded with apologies. Hereunder is a translation of the news from the SAIC’s website.

The spokesman of SAIC: all backlog registration certificates will be issued by the end of May


After the news “Waiting for the issuance of certificate for 6 months” published on April 7th, the officials of SAIC pay high attention and command the related department to investigate this matter immediately, and to respond to the concerns of the public with solution.

Due to the complicated procedure of the purchasing process of paper and the inefficient communication between different departments, the delay of issuance of trademark registration certificate has caused inconvenience to the registrants, and we sincerely apologize for our fault.

Now that the paper supply is in order, and we have started the printing with all our effort since March 28th, all backlog trademark registration certificates will be issued by the end of May.

We will learn from this lesson, optimize our procedure, improve our efficiency, and prevent similar problem from happening again.