As New York City Mayor Eric Adams did not take action within 30 days of receipt from the New York City Council, the Council’s legislation requiring most New York City employers to include salary ranges on job advertisements has become law.

This legislation is similar to recent enactments in numerous other jurisdictions, including Colorado and Connecticut, but its focus on job advertisement disclosures of salary range is unique.

The legislative language is minimal and merely provides that employers with at least four employees (generally interpreted as employees in New York City), employment agencies, or their agents must include in any advertisement for a job, promotion, or transfer opportunity the minimum and maximum salary for such position in such advertisement. The salary range must extend from the lowest to the highest salary the employer in good faith believes at the time of the posting it would pay for the advertised job, promotion, or transfer opportunity.

Exempt from the requirement are advertisements for temporary employment at a temporary help firm.

The enactment is effective 120 days after it became law. This is estimated to be on or about May 15, 2022.

Agency guidance is needed and expected to clarify the obligations of covered employers.

Please speak with your Jackson Lewis attorney regarding preparatory steps that can be taken before the law becomes effective.