[2008] LTLPI 4.12.08  

Claimant attended Defendant’s surgery for dental implant to fill a gap in his mouth at LL6. Implant was attached to an artificial tooth by an extra piece of artificial material and protruded to an angle from side of gum towards Claimant’s tongue. Claimant complained of uncomfortable feeling and inability to chew on left side. He was advised that the implant was inserted at such an angle due to previous bone loss and that discomfort was an occlusal problem. Claimant could not endure the artificial material hanging over tongue and Defendant fitted a bridge from LL5 to LL7, removing the artificial material. Claimant was unable to bite down without discomfort however Defendant concluded that problem was with Claimant’s bite.  

9 months later, Claimant consulted a different dentist as LL7 had become symptomatic and left side of his face was swollen. The bridge had become infected and was removed. Claimant was given strong antibiotics and subsequently underwent root canal treatment. He would require bone grafting, further implant and repair to LL5 & LL7. Claimant alleged Defendant had negligently failed to obtain proper consent to the implant treatment, place the implant correctly or advise as to nature and risks of treatment. Liability admitted however entitlement to costs of original treatment disputed.  

Out of court settlement: £17,000 (estimated General Damages £7,000).