Claiming that a “significant percentage” of FCC-licensed fixed satellite service (FSS) earth stations do not exist or are not currently in operation, the Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition (FWCC) urged the FCC to conduct an audit of FSS earth stations that share spectrum on a co-primary basis with fixed wireless service (FWS) operations. In documents filed last week with the FCC, the FWCC described such an audit as “a simple and cost-effective way to increase the amounts of spectrum available in critical bands,” as the presence of non-existent earth stations in outdated FCC licensing databases “causes the frequency coordinator to rule out proposed [FWS] stations, that, if built, would neither cause nor receive interference” from the earth stations in question. Pointing to two earlier audits of private land mobile radio facilities, conducted by the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, that resulted in the cancellation of a high number of licenses, the FWCC urged the FCC first to eliminate from its licensing database any earth station for which annual regulatory fees remain unpaid after six months. Upon completion of that step, the FWCC further recommended that “each remaining [earth station] licensee of record . . . certify that the station described in the license is actually in operation (unless it is within the initial year of the license) within one second of latitude and longitude of the location specified in the application.” With respect to any earth station licensee that fails to provide the requested certification, the FWCC called on the agency to “cancel any license that lacks an associated certification, then remove it from the database, under the authority of Section 25.161” of the FCC’s rules. Because FSS earth stations require far greater amounts of spectrum than co-primary fixed wireless service links, the FWCC said a comparable audit of fixed wireless licenses would prove “inefficient,” although the group added that it would not object to such an audit “if conducted in conjunction with the requested earth station audit.”