The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the availability of its final 2010 Clean Water Act (CW A) Effluent Guidelines Plan. 76 Fed Reg. 66,286 (10/26/11). The document outlines how EPA plans to regulate new and existing industrial wastewater discharges directly to surface waters or to publicly owned treatment plants.

Required by section 304(m) of the CW A “to biennially publish such a plan after public notice and comment,” EPA published its draft 2010 plan for comment on December 28, 2009. 74 Fed. Reg. 68,599. The final plan contains EPA’s intention to propose pretreatment regulations for wastewater arising from shale gas extraction in 2014 and to propose effluent limits for wastewater discharges from coalbed methane extraction in 2013. It also includes EPA’s goal of developing pretreatment limits for mercury discharges from the dental industry in 2012. EPA requests comments by November 25, 2011. See BNA Daily Environment Report, October 26, 2011.