On 20 September 2012, ARCEP submitted its report on net neutrality to Parliament and the Government. In September 2010, ARCEP had already published 10 principles in which it emphasised the importance of a dynamic, transparent and competitive market for the quality and neutrality of Internet access. Standing by this approach the Authority has engaged in further efforts to ensure the smooth running of the system and compliance with the principles already in place.

Firstly, to track the quality of Internet service, ARCEP will specify the quality of service indicators for fixed networks - the decision should be adopted by the end of the year.

Secondly, ARCEP has started an inventory of traffic management practices implemented by operators and is monitoring their evolution. If some practices were to persist, the Authority has powers to intervene.

Finally, as regards interconnection between Internet players, the Authority does not estimate it will be necessary to strengthen the regulatory framework, but will continue to collect information on a regular basis. For more information please go to:

http://www.arcep.fr/index.php?id=8571&L=1&tx_gsactualite_pi1[uid]=1541&tx_gsactualite_pi1[backID]=1 &cHash=9a8ae7ef0030be3abdc869c2853cd54f#