The much anticipated results of the CfD Auction were published by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) at 7:00 this morning (26 February 2015). There is a lot to digest for the industry in the results of the auction, however, headline issues include:

  1. The auction price achieved for some technologies (Onshore Wind and EfW with CHP) was close or at the Administrative Strike Price, whereas for other technologies (Solar, Offshore wind and ACT) the price achieved for some Delivery Years was considerably lower.  For example in 2017/18 and 2018/19 the strike price achieved for Offshore Wind is approximately 15% lower than the Administrative Strike Price.
  2. Only Solar PV was successful in the 2015/16 Delivery Year achieving a strike price of £50 against an Administrative Strike Price of £120.  Solar in 2016/17 appears to have fared a little better with the strike price appearing to have been set by onshore wind.
  3. There was very little successful Onshore Wind before the 2017/18 Delivery Year, suggesting that Onshore Wind projects are going for ROCs where they still can.
  4. Offshore Wind projects Neart na Gaoithe and East Anglia One were both successful with a combined capacity of 1.15GW.

The full results are set out below.

(A) Information on the successful applicants, as follows – strike prices are in 2012 prices:

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* EA1 will be built in three phases; 2017/18 is the delivery year for phase 1

Estimated Budget spend, as calculated by National Grid according to the Allocation Framework set out on 1 September offered contracts are accepted (£/yr) – spend figures are in 2012 prices.

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(B) The total value of all applications, valued in the 2020/21 delivery year, originally received valued at the strike price, as calculated by National Grid according to the Allocation Framework set out on 1 September 2014, was £1,176.3 million, in 2012 prices.

There will be no information published on details on bids (other than that set out above), or on unsuccessful projects.