The Ohio Governor's 21st Century Energy & Economic Summit has officially ended. In Governor Kasich’s concluding remarks, he states that his cabinet is very focused on energy, the economy and many other issues. He notes that renewables are a necessity so he will aggressively look at energy efficiency starting with Ohio’s government buildings.

In addition, Governor Kasich notes that he has had hundreds of shale meetings and "we cannot stop fracking.” He states, however, that we can't degrade the environment in the process. The Governor wants to regulate shale development in a manner that is both reasonable and consistent.

As for finding ways to solve Ohio’s energy and economic policy problems, Kasich wants private sector and government to work together on solutions. He even encourages Summit attendees to send ideas to his administration.

Solving these challenges includes work force development. Governor Kasich asks that Ohio businesses give short- and long-term forecasting of their workforce needs to build a responsive pool of workers. Toward that end, he announces that Rich Frederick has been picked to lead work force development and education initiatives.

In conclusion, Governor Kasich says: "Ohio can be back again. It won't be easy and it won't be overnight."