On Thursday October 20, 2011, Premier Dalton McGuinty unveiled his new cabinet. The Premier has made it clear that the government’s key priority is bolstering the province’s economy, and he has chosen experienced cabinet ministers to assume key portfolios toward that end. Some key Ministries have been combined and the overall number of cabinet positions has been reduced from 28 to 22.


In order to reduce the size of Cabinet, the Premier has combined various Ministries:

  • The separate Ministries of Transportation and Infrastructure are now under one Minister . 
  • Research and Innovation and Economic Development and Trade is now the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation. 
  • The Ministry of Revenue has been folded back into Finance.
  • The Ministry of Health Promotion has been absorbed into the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.


The Premier now takes over as the Minister of Intergovernmental Relations. This comes at a time when negotiations with the federal government over various policy issues are becoming increasingly vital for Ontario. For example, the Premier has said that he wants a new 10 year Health Care Accord among the provinces, territories and federal government. In addition, the Premier wants the federal government to reform the Employment Insurance Program to ensure Ontario’s businesses and workers are treated fairly.

John Milloy, the new Minister of Community and Social Services also becomes the House Leader. This role is critical since House Leaders lead the day to day discussions with the opposition parties to ensure the governing party can move its legislative agenda forward.


Dalton McGuinty – Premier, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs

Jim Bradley – Minister of the Environment

Rick Bartolucci – Minister of Northern Development and Mines, Chair of Cabinet

Dwight Duncan – Minister of Finance, Deputy Premier

John Gerretsen – Attorney General

Chris Bentley – Minister of Energy

Madeleine Meilleur – Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services, Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

Harinder Takhar – Minister of Government Services

Kathleen Wynne – Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs

Michael Chan – Minister of Tourism and Culture

Michael Gravelle – Minister of Natural Resources

Brad Duguid – Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

Deb Matthews – Minister of Health and Long Term Care

John Milloy – Minister of Community and Social Services, Government House Leader

Margarett Best – Minister of Consumer Services

Laurel Broten – Minister of Education, Minister of Women’s Issues

Linda Jeffrey – Minister of Labour, Minister Responsible for Seniors

Eric Hoskins – Minister of Children and Youth Services

Glen Murray – Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

Bob Chiarelli – Minister of Transportation, Minister of Infrastructure

Charles Sousa – Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

Ted McMeekin – Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs