On September 25, 2015, the EBA published an opinion on the European Commission's proposal to amend the final draft Implementing Technical Standards on additional liquidity monitoring metrics under the CRR. The metrics aim to provide regulators with a more comprehensive liquidity risk profile of a firm according to the nature, scale and complexity of its activities. The Commission had proposed for the maturity ladder templates and instructions to be removed, due to these being based on the provisional approach to reporting requirements under the CRR and so that the ITS are adapted to the new and more detailed definition of liquid assets which becomes applicable from October 1, 2015. The EBA's opinion states that the benefits of having the maturity ladder as initially proposed rather than not having a harmonized tool at all for the next two years (which is the estimated time required to update the ITS and have them adopted by the Commission and implemented by institutions) are greater. If the maturity ladder is kept in the final ITS, the EBA will proceed promptly with an updated ITS, bringing them into line with the new liquidity provisions. The EBA also supports the Commission's suggestion to amend the date of application of the ITS from July 1, 2015 to January 1, 2016. A revised draft of the ITS is included in the annex to the Opinion.

The Opinion is available at: http://www.eba.europa.eu/documents/10180/983359/EBA-Op-2015- 16+%28Opinion+on+ITS+on+AMML%29.pdf