Federal agencies slipped their regulatory agendas  (available at  http://resources.regulations.gov/public/component/main? __dmfClientId=1401406622446&__dmfTzoff=240) quietly  out the door May 23, on the eve of the Memorial Day  holiday weekend.  MSHA’s agenda indicates the agency  expects a proposed rule to amend its civil penalty rules  and final rule on proximity detection devices for coal mine  continuous mining machines to be released at any time.  A  proposal on proximity detection devices in underground  mines will be issued in September.   OSHA expects to release final rules on revised reporting  requirements this month, confined spaces in construction  in August, and slip, trip and fall prevention in October.  A  proposed rule on beryllium will appear in July, and a  combined proposed rule/direct final rule in September to  update its eye-and-face protection standard to  incorporate a consensus standard.  Notably, MSHA has put  aside, at least for now, a rule to regulate crystalline silica,  while OSHA has scheduled a proposed injury and illness  prevention programs rule for “long-term action."