A state jury in Alabama has determined that a seatbelt manufacturer was not liable for the injuries sustained by a pregnant driver who was ejected from her minivan during an accident despite wearing a seatbelt. Harmon v. Chrysler, LLC, No. CV-2008-901193.00 (Ala. Cir. Ct., Mobile Cnty., verdict reached November 8, 2012). The plaintiff claimed that a product defect caused her quadriplegia and resulted in the premature birth of her son who also allegedly sustained severe and permanent injuries. The minivan apparently flipped three times in the accident, and the plaintiff alleged that the seatbelt system was defective because it “permitted inertial unlatching during this foreseeable rollover event.” According to a company spokesperson, federal safety standards require a buckle to be accessible and such accessibility allowed inadvertent contact in this multiple rollover accident. See Law360, November 9, 2012.