The total number of new patent applications filed in Q1 2015 is 17,221, a decrease of 11.38% from Q1 2014.  The invention applications declined 12.34%.  Both domestic applications and foreign applications declined about 12%.

In terms of applications by countries, Japan (3,376) scored the top spot with a 4.10% increase, while the U.S. (1,517) and South Korea (320) applications decreased respectively by 35.06% and 25.23%.  The total decrease of applications by the aforementioned nationals is 927, almost identical with the total decrease (929) of the foreign applications.

In its effort to expedite patent examination, TIPO in Q1 2015 reduce the backlog of pending cases to 93,752, and shorten the average pendency time before the first office action to 19.80 months, and the average conclusion time to 28.58 months.

Charles Ma