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New Law

Data protection of health insured persons

The Federal Council intends to clarify the use of individual data in compulsory health care insurance.

For further information, see: here.

New measures to combat higher costs in public health care sector

In a first package, the Federal Council adopted new measures against rising costs in the public health care sector, such as a reference price system for generic medicinal products.

For further information, see: here.

Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs

The Federal submitted the dispatch approving the Convention, which is intended to harmonise criminal provisions internationally, to Parliament.

For further information, see: here.


Federal Supreme Court, Decision 9C_336/2019 of 6 August 2019

The Court denied coverage for the replacement of a breast implant by compulsory health care insurance, as the applicant’s pain could have originated from various sources and held that the lower court was not obliged to conduct any further inquiries.

For further information, see: here.

Federal Administrative Court, Decision C-1308/2017 of 7 August 2019

The Court annulled an order of the FOPH that limited the price increase of a medicinal product on the list of specialities to a period of two years.

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