Following a targeted review of the Coroners Act 2006, the Government has signalled its intention to amend key provisions to improve coroners' recommendations, improve processes within the coronial system to ensure that they are timely and consistent, and better define which cases need to be reported.

Among other things, the publicly released Cabinet Paper noted that some coroners' recommendations have gone outside the case and evidence at hand, or have proposed wide-ranging review or reform of legislation based on limited evidence and without showing how such reviews or reform would have prevented that particular death. It proposed amendments to the Act to ensure that recommendations are focused on the case and evidence at hand and feedback from interested parties is included during the process. The Cabinet Paper also noted that clarity was needed as to which "medical-related" deaths must be reported to the Coroner and suggested that: "[T]he specific wording of the definition... will be developed in close consultation with relevant health sector agencies".