From Hollywood to Wall Street, a tidal wave of sexual harassment claims have flooded the headlines, and these 24/7 revelations are only gaining strength and speed.

This endless stream of claims, dating back years and spanning geography, industry, and workforce ranks, reveals the basic truth that employers can – and must – do more to address this issue. Harassment is not only unlawful, but it also irreparably harms its victims, destroys morale, impacts performance and impedes productivity.

The best policies are only as effective as the education and implementation allows them to be, and far too often, employers look to rote training and acknowledgments to tick an item off the risk-management list, rather than deeply engaging in this entrenched issue.

There is a global conversation happening, and employers need to be active participants, rather than the focus of the discussion. This is the time to ensure that your policies are robust, written as well as understood, and implemented across your workforce, and that processes are in place to address violations in a meaningful way.